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Gracefully opulent, Aurora captures the enchanting atmosphere of first light.

Named after the Roman Goddess of Dawn, Aurora symbolises the start of new beginnings.


Evocative and enticing, Aurora is a rich amalgamation of botanically inspired fabrics and crystal wirework, in collaboration with bridal jeweller Snow Jewels.


Handmade in illusion tulle, silk satin, ivory lace and embroidered motifs, freshwater Keshi pearls and Aurora Borealis crystals.

With thanks to Polly Hanrahan and Solo View Photography

Models Elle Trowbridge and Georgia Kerr

Creative direction for Elle by Nima Habibzadeh and Jade Removille

Make-up by Grace Vee

Hair by AFI Emily Attipoe

Aurora Bodice close up.jpg
Initial Design Work.png
Completed First Layer.png
Georgia 1.jpg
georgia 2.jpg
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