Dancing on the boundary between underwear and outerwear, we seek to unapologetically redefine femininity.

Through luxury lingerie and bodywear, our designs explore the elemental relationship between Earth and Woman, celebrating her ability to evolve and transform.

Featuring luxurious materials selected for their quality, comfort and innovative healing properties, our collection embraces luxuriously sustainable options such as peace silk and bamboo cotton. 

Our use of semi-precious stones in some garments, means these pieces have natural variances, adding to their unique beauty.

All our pieces are made to order, by hand in the UK, minimising waste and maximising exclusivity.

Each piece has size adjustability features to allow you to alter your garment in sync with your body’s natural fluctuations.


Founded by British designer Florence Morris-Clarke, Florence studied at London College of Fashion, before gaining experience in the industry, working with brands from Agent Provocateur to Fleur of England.


The debut collection explores Florence's connection with the natural world and her desire to broaden the representation of women in fashion.

Florence has gained recognition for her work with awards including the Mare di Moda Link Award for Swimwear and was shortlisted as a finalist for the SBID Design Awards.